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Kerry found freedom ‘to follow her heart’ in her art through a trip to Europe and the UK in 2002, to look at the work of particular artists, including Picasso. She fell in love with the work of modernist, Cornwall-based painter, Patrick Heron, and brought home a paper lace doily from Antwerp fast food shop that became the basis of several paintings and thus began her use of lace as metaphor.

“My grandmothers taught me to crochet. I paint the pattern in different ways, sometimes complex and sometimes very minimal and use it to express wonder or beauty or stillness, or to define space. Crochet lace pattern is imbued with feminine story and the domestic experience.”

“My work is painterly and metaphoric and I love exploring ideas and feelings. I like to find some meaning in the work or some reference point.” She describes painting as meditative and a process of discovery.

My work is informed by my Christian faith. I try to express what touches me. I notice what comes from the work and I respond to what I notice in the progress of the work.”

A previous exhibition of Kerry’s was influenced by Verdi’s Requiem and explored the journey from death and deep grief through to new life, and another by music for the mass, Gloria.

Painting has been a lifetime pursuit for Jennifer Long who has painted and drawn in classes and workshops with Betty and Roy Churcher, Mervyn Moriarty, Irene Amos and David Paulson. She has a Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland and has studied fine art at the Queensland College of Art, and painting and life drawing at the Brisbane Institute of Art.

Jennifer’s work is drawn from many and varied sources in both the real and imagined world. She works in oils on canvas and linen, translating images of the landscape, people and architecture into paintings that explore both the detailed and broader landscape.

Captivated by evocative moments of life, vivid colour and the ageing patina of textured surfaces, she selects part of an object, scene or a fragment interwoven with light and dark, colour and pattern. These are the concepts her art practice plays with and the result can be tension, vibration, even stillness that can be reminiscent of memories, places or possessions, hint at something larger or beyond, or capture a sense of nostalgia.

Jennifer’s love of detail, colour and fascination for sculptural and patterned forms emerged when her lifelong desire to travel was finally realised in 2004. During her first overseas trip, to France, England, Spain and Morocco, she was overwhelmed by beauty, colour and design, and has continued to travel. To Italy, France and Germany in 2006, and last year to the UK, France and Italy with her husband and two daughters, during the northern hemisphere winter.

Jennifer paints every day in her studio at St Lucia (Brisbane). She looks out over a rambling, tropical garden and listens to classical music while she works. She exhibits each year in selected local and national exhibitions and showcases her work in solo exhibitions.

from media release by Nikki Shrimpton.


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