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This blog was set up by Kerry Holland and Jennifer Long as a way of working together for their exhibition Interior Dialogue in July, 2010, Brisbane, Australia.

We  are working in our own studios and talking about our work. We hope that through the conversation and seeing each others work on the blog that the work will hang together. We started with some guidelines.

As we paint the works we are putting images of them up on the blog site and making a few comments.

We have been friends a long time and is it great to see how the ideas flow from the conversations by phone or blog.

If you are in Brisbane in July you can see the works in our exhibition.


Media release (modified): July 2010

Two like-minded Brisbane artists with individually distinctive painting styles, who have been friends for 17 years, are holding a joint exhibition, Interior Dialogue (July 6 – 18, Graydon Gallery, New Farm).

Kerry Holland’s work is abstract. She describes her work as “idea, metaphor, texture, symbol and colour”. Jennifer Long’s practice is “more detailed and realistic” and her art is “more grounded in the earth regarding colour, detail and sensuousness”.

“Our original intention for this exhibition was to exhibit works in our own particular style, that maintained the integrity of each individual’s artwork, but that were related in some way – through conversation, colour, references and the size of the works,” said Kerry.

“We set up some quite strong rules about how we’d go about this initially, starting with a list of stimuli for each work – such as colour, objects, music, poetry, painter’s thoughts, etc. And we decided not to show each other our work but to describe it only, to help keep the work distinctive. This all changed as the work progressed and opened out.

Discussions about the exhibition began by phone and email. Then, in March this year, they set up a private blog (, even though neither had blogged before.

“And so we can discuss ideas and thoughts as we paint and we can show our work to each other and record images and see what comes from that in the way of new work developing,” said Jennifer.

In 2001 Kerry and Jennifer held their first exhibition together, Tidal Works.
Since then, they have both developed their art practices and exhibited regularly in group and solo shows. The two friends used to live within walking distance of each other at St Lucia. For more than a decade, Kerry taught art to children after school several times a week and Jennifer assisted.



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