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Autumn Glow by Jennifer Long
Phoenix by Kerry Holland

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Burstings by Kerry Holland
Marble and Flesh by Jennifer Long

Studio Corner by Jennifer Long and Illuminated by Kerry Holland

The Red Room by Jennifer Long and Opening Out by Kerry Holland, defining an expanding space.
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Glorious day!

see earlier blogs for details of the art works

To be drawn to the light, beyond where you are now to discover new things…
(see earlier blogs for details of the paintings by the artists Jennifer Long and Kerry Holland)

What beautiful place do you go to when you are alone? (Golden Tulips by Jennifer Long and Interior Waterfall by Kerry Holland- see below for details)

Above is the painting ‘Visible and Invisible’ by Kerry Holland and below ‘Girl in a Mirror’ by Jennifer Long (see earlier blogs for details). What is visible is only part of the story.

There it is clearly. The two gifts of the two artists. One with an eye for the real and the delicious detail in the physical surroundings, (See the warm light through the doorway in the ‘Brocade Chair’) and the other with a sense of interior feeling and response (The warmth in ‘Interior Peace’ is about the feeling of being in a particular place interiorly). Both about space, colour and light and stillness; one using the gift of alert senses and the other the alert imagination, both affecting the viewer who takes the time to see.

Rose Interior and Amber Light

The petals are dropping but they’ve looked pretty amazing on the wall.